A Golden Tree with White Flowers

I did another painting recently in collaboration with my support worker. There was no real plan going in so it kind of just turned into a tree with flowers. I love the fact there’s no pressure when I make art like this. I guess you could call it freeform art. It’s also fun to do it together with someone because they may have other ideas you may not have thought of. As always, though, my support worker tends to let me lead and choose colours first and then follows along before she starts to experiment. Then, I might follow her in what she is doing.

The background was made using artist coral sponges applying a mix of pinks and reds.

The swirls in the background were made using q-tips as well as the dots of colour.

The tree was made using shaving brush. The flowers, grass and sky were made using a pallet knife. Made me feel like Bob Ross because he does use a pallet knife quite a lot from what I’ve seen.

Thanks for reading!

Published by gothicsilk

I am a woman in my twenties with mild cerebral palsy. I have avid interest in creative writing, art and music as well as penchant for gothic clothes.

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