Story series Burning Alive but Never Dying

Hi, I’m Violet Ravette. This page has all you need to know about my story series.

This page will have all the links to all the parts of the story at the current time as well as some complementary bonus material.


Bernadette thought it wasn’t going to happen to her.

Not all vampires are monsters. Things are different now with all the laws and agreements set in place. There’s an understanding between the two species. But of course, not all vampires play by the rules.

She was wrong to trust him. Wrong to trust vampires.

Every month, the mountain vampires groom and capture their victims to drain them until they’re dead. Bernadette must escape before it also becomes her fate. However, she can’t do it on her own. When a Yvette, a vampire with an abrasive personality, offers her help, the two form a strained alliance and escape. However, this isn’t the end of Bernadette’s problems. She doesn’t know it yet but this experience is going to change her life forever.

The guidelines

  1. Each part is about 500 words each (with 10% over leeway being the upper limit). It can make it difficult at times but it forces me to be concise and should, in theory make it easier for you guys to read.
  2. New rule (this doesn’t apply to the first five parts in chapter one) chapter finales will be approximately 1000 words as well as chapter openers. (Am I going to regret this later? Maybe.)
  3. A featured image/single image at least once per a whole chapter. I like doing them but they take time.
  4. Posting in a 3-4 week time frame
  5. Posting the whole previous chapter before the opening post for the next chapter.

Have a fun time reading!

Chapter One

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part four

Part five

Part six -The finale for the chapter approx. 1000 words

Chapter 1 (complete master post)

Bonus material

Character’s embarrassing moments

Story process update with part 10’s rough sketch

Vampirism: the change and what it means introductory pamphlet

Chapter 2

Part seven– approx. 1000 words

Part eight

Part nine

Part ten

Part eleven

Chapter 2 complete

Chapter three

Part twelve

Part thirteen

Part fourteen

Part fifteen

Part sixteen

Complete chapter three

Chapter four

I am changing the numbering scheme because I found this easier and I wish I did it in the first place.

Part 1/5

Part 2/5

Part 3/5

Part 4/5 (coming soon on the 11th October 2022)

Part 5/5

Chapter four complete

Chapter Five

Part 1/5

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